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Aeroplane Descent MFV Maureen Flowers Borderline

Aeroplane, May 2005

Video with sound. Exhibited as part of 13+ at Domo Baal Gallery, London.

Just over the small mound of grass is a campsite that we used to visit near to the village of Pleudihen in Brittany. It seemed to rain a lot but along with the regular visitors to the site whom we got to know, and the small café bar run by Monsieur Chevestrier, it was nonetheless a relaxing place to be. Many people took cockles from the river and samphire to eat from the salt flats accompanied by cider from the local ciderie. The River Rance runs upstream to Dinan and becomes a canal beyond, while downstream it enters the Channel and the Port of St. Malo. The new bridge spanning the river carries the main autoroute to the West and eventually to the Atlantic and the most westerly points of France. Across the river is the small port of Plouër-sur-Rance where we live and work most of the time. The port was once a tide mill of which there are several along the Rance. They trapped and retained water from each tide to turn the mill wheel as the tide ebbed. Not far away is the small airport of Dinard, always busy with small light aircraft and the daily jet to Britain.