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Monument Sorties • September Aller Retour Voyages Gaslight•

Voyages, 2004
The Salt Gallery, Hayle, Cornwall

This work refers to passages of time as single straight lines of coloured LED's lights that progressively light up as they slowly advance along paths across the gallery walls. The boats and mules used in the copper trade from Hale have gone and so the gallery itself, which was once witness to these sailings and journeys, with its windows onto the harbour, describe the comings and goings of a more internalised event.

'I spent several hours yesterday discovering about the journeys which actually were not so far and wide. In 1820 you could get a steam package trip to Bristol from outside our door and then a train to London! Most of the traffic was coal coming in to the mines from south wales and was taken to Redruth and Cambourne by Mule between 50 and 100 at different times. The mules were expensive and did not last long with the arsenic poison a result of smelting copper. The mules took copper ore or smelted copper back to Hayle to be shipped to Birmingham, Swansea, London or Bristol.

Other traffic at the same time 1750 included wood for the mines from Scandinavia, Limestone from Plymouth for the smelting process, and the shipping of steatite to Liverpool for porcelain, steatite was a by product of mining tin or copper. The pool which is an estuary was busy with boat traffic and coal stacked to be taken to the mines. Quite a different feel to the pretty sleepy view of Phillack we have over the pool today.'

[email from Marilyn Middlemiss]