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Papillon de la nuit 2013-2014. Association l'Art au fil de la Rance. Plouër sur Rance France.

Papillon de la Nuit is one of Ron Haselden’s most ambitious projects in his recent series of sculptures in the rural landscapes of Brittany. In the grounds of the Manoir des Guérandes, two vast planes of coloured woven cord, totalling one hundred metres in length, stretch out as tilted wings, slowly rising to a height of four meters above the ground. Sunlight reflects and plays across the predominantly blue surfaces in its passage east to west, shadowed only by clouds and the neighbouring oak and chestnut trees. Visitors are encouraged to enter and wander in and through the many criss-crossing grassy pathways below, where the complex supporting structure encapsulates pockets of vegetation, allowed to grow wild, providing much interest from the assortment of butterflies, bees and other small animals abundant in that area.















Special thanks to: Christine Benadretti, Paul Bienvault, Jacky Caquet, Christine Demotes, Rosie Duckworth, Francis Haselden, Saïna Heshmati, Sharon Kivland, Valentina Klaasen, Guillaume Lissillour, Anaïs Moureau, Matthew Reeves and Hélène and Jerome de Segogne.